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Welcome to a tutorial on how to add simple smooth scroll animation with pure CSS and Javascript. If you are thinking that the old school suddenly appear is too abrupt when we click on a bookmark link, a smooth scroll is actually easy to achieve with modern CSS. The easiest way to do a smooth scroll animation is to set the scroll behavior property. A plain JavaScript library that applies a smooth momentum scrolling (also called inertial rolling) to any scrollable elements on the web. 4

Smooth Scroll Animation With CSS & Javascript - Simple

Smooth Scrolling With jQuery. We'll start with the popular jQuery approach. To create smooth scrolling with jQuery, we'll take advantage of its animate() method. Each time we click on a navigation link, we'll do the following things: Cancel its default behavior to jump to the corresponding section. Grab its href attribute value import Scrollbar from 'smooth-scrollbar'; Scrollbar. init (document. querySelector ('#my-scrollbar')); If you are not using any bundlers, you can just load the UMD bundle: < script src = dist/smooth-scrollbar.js > </ script > < script > var Scrollbar = window // scroll to specific values, // same as window.scroll() method. // for scrolling a particular distance, use window.scrollBy(). window.scroll({ top: 2500, left: 0, behavior: 'smooth' }); // scroll certain amounts from current position window.scrollBy({ top: 100, // negative value acceptable left: 0, behavior: 'smooth' }); // scroll to a certain element document.querySelector('.hello').scrollIntoView({ behavior: 'smooth' })

Instead of using this syntax that you might familiar with: window.scroll(0, 1000); // *jumps* the webpage down 1000px. Use this alternate syntax: window.scroll( { top: 1000, behavior: 'smooth' // }); That's it! That will animate the scrolling Um die normalerweise abrupten Seiten-Scrolls zu verschönern, kann man mit Hilfe der Javascript-Library Jquery sogenannte Smooth-Scrolls (seichte Scrolls) einsetzen. Eine Demo eines solchen Smooth-Scrolls kannst du dir auf der Webseite CSS-Tricks ansehen. Und so integrierst du den Smooth-Scroll Effekt auf deiner eigenen Webseite: 1 To give it a smooth scrolling effect, I have written a small jQuery script. I am using jQuery.animate () method for a smooth scroll, with a duration of 1000 milliseconds or (1 second). You can change the delay to 2000 or more, depending upon your requirement. Here's another animation example in jQuery Visit http://linode.com/designcourse for a $20 credit on your new linode account.https://designcourse.com - Learn UI/UX from Scratch with my new service (com..

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10 Best Smooth Scroll Libraries In Pure JavaScript (2021

The smooth scrolling effect, helps improve User Experience (UX) while navigating through different locations in a Web Page.Learn how to add, cross-browser co.. Die scrolling Box scrollt sofort. smooth Die scrolling Box scrollt mit einem flüssigen/smoothen Verhalten. Der User Agent definiert dabei sowohl die Geschwindigkeit als auch die dafür benötigte Dauer. Der User Agent sollte dabei nach Möglichkeit den Platform-Konventionen folgen In this section, I have modified the same code which I wrote above but here I use a smooth scroll with JS for scrolling to the links. For this, the following built-in JavaScript function is used: window.scrollTo(); This function can be declared for smooth scroll in JS in two ways: window.scrollTo(x-coord, y-coord); window.scrollTo(options) The x-coord parameter defines the pixel value in the.

How To Create a Smooth Scrolling Effect - W3School

Smooth Scroll Library is the JS library for moving page scrolling to specified anchor links, with or without mitigation functions. Works with sticky navigation tape. Ideal for navigating the site on the long web page. Create beautiful scrollable animations with ease. ScrollToSmooth comes with a robust set of options to get the most out of your project. Powered by window.requestAnimationFrame. var hash = this.hash; // Using jQuery's animate () method to add smooth page scroll // The optional number (800) specifies the number of milliseconds it takes to scroll to the specified are 1 CDN to use with SMOOTH-SCROLLBAR. Find out the best CDN to use with smooth-scrollbar or use multiple CDN as fallback. Simply copy and paste one of these URL ! The scroll-behavior CSS property tells the browser how to handle scrolling triggered by anchor links and such. The default behavior, auto, is the jump-to-location you're used to seeing. If you set it to smooth, the browser animates scrolling down the page. If you only want this behavior inside a container, apply it to that element Smooth Scroll Library is the JS library for moving page scrolling to specified anchor links, with or without mitigation functions. Works with sticky navigation tape. Ideal for navigating the site on the long web page. Create beautiful scrollable animations with ease

Scrolling to an element can be achieved in Javascript using the scrollIntoView () method. Smooth animation and customizing the alignment can be set through the scrollIntoViewOptions parameter Method 2: Using jQuery scrollTop() method: The scrollTop() method in jQuery is used to scroll to a particular portion of the page. Animating this method with the available inbuilt animations can make the scroll smoother. The hash portion of the anchor link is first extracted using the hash property and its position on the page is found out using the offset() method Smooth scrolling in jQuery; TRENDING UP 01. Learn About Exception Handling In Java. 02. Getting Started With MAUI Xamarin Forms Application Using Visual Studio 2019 Preview 16.10. 03. Install And Run Hadoop 3 On Windows For Beginners. 04. Everything You Need To Know About Hadoop . 05. Top 5 Essential Benefits Of Using TypeScript. 06. Integrate Open API (Swagger) With Node And Express. 07. How. How to create a smooth scroll without jQuery with native JS scrollIntoView function. Smooth scrolling allows website users to surf your one-page site without jumps and jerks when your menu is configured on the internal sections of the page through anchors links

SmoothScrolling.JS Luxy.JS Rolly.JS TweenMax.JS Vanilla JS (A) Vanilla JS (B) Momentum / Inertia Scrolling. Smooth-Scrolling.js version. import Scrollbar from 'smooth-scrollbar'; Scrollbar.init(document.querySelector('#my-scrollbar')); If you are not using any bundlers, you can just load the UMD bundle: <script src = dist/smooth-scrollbar.js ></script> <script> var Scrollbar = window.Scrollbar; Scrollbar.init(document.querySelector('#my-scrollbar')); </script> Smooth scrolling is when instead of clicking on a button and being instantly taken to a different part of the same page, the user is navigated there via a scroll animation. It's one of those subtle UI features on a site that makes an aesthetic difference With smoothScroll version 2.1 and later, you can use the relative string syntax to scroll an element or the document a certain number of pixels relative to its current position. The following code will scroll the document down one page at a time when the user clicks the .pagedown button var scroller = new SmoothScroll ({target: document. querySelector (#scroll-container), // element container to scroll scrollEase: 0.1, // scroll speed maxOffset: 500}); With maxOffset set to 500, an element with a depth of 10 will move 500px

How to get a smooth scroll without using Jquery ? or any other library? As of 2020, such a trivial task is well supported natively by browsers. Smooth scroll can be achieved via pure javascript or even pure css. Lets check out how to smooth scroll natively using both the ways js go to anchor smooth. smooth scroll bookmark. click link smooth scroll. how to make the id a tag scroll smoothly. how to add scrolling behaviour in href. smoothscroll.min.js. anchor tag scroll animation. var scroll = new SmoothScroll ('a [href*=#]'); smooth scroll javascript active anchor links Smooth Scroll. GitHub. Linear Linear (no other options) Ease-In Quad Cubic Quart Quint. Ease-In-Out Qua Smooth scrolling using jQuery gives a better user interface to the web project. Smooth scroll reduces efforts of the users to scroll for reach the certain portion of the page. With smooth scrolling, the user can reach the specific portion of the page by clicking an anchor link or button

Bootstrap Scrollbar and SmoothScroll Bootstrap smooth scroll is an animated movement from a trigger — such as button, link or any other clickable element — to another place of the same page. Bootstrap SmoothScroll MDB Pro component Click on the links below to see the live exampl A Matter of JavaScript. Smooth scrolling is implemented on a page via JavaScript code. While the needed code can be somewhat complicated, the good news is that the jQuery JavaScript library, in combination with the jQuery.localScroll plugin, makes the process painless. To simplify the process, I'm going to give you a condensed script that will make the process even more painless. Condensation.

Damit das jQuery Script zum sanften scrollen auch funktioniert, muss noch folgendes beachtet werden. Die Anchor scroll Funktion speichert man am besten in eine externe Datei, z.B. smoothe_anchor_scroll.js und bindet diese zusammen mit der JavaScript Library jQuery in ein HTML Dokument ein sweet-scroll.js is you can start using the very very simple. 1. Install from npm. $ npm install sweet-scroll 2. Import the package, create an instance. import SweetScroll from 'sweet-scroll'; document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', => { const sweetScroll = new SweetScroll({ /* some options */ }); }, false); 3. Enjoy the smooth scrolling!! Please detailed document viewed in GitHub. smooth scroll css. css by deadlymuffin on Mar 18 2020 Donate. 11. html { scroll-behavior: smooth; } /* No support in IE, or Safari You can use this JS polyfill for those */ http://iamdustan.com/smoothscroll/. xxxxxxxxxx. 1. html {. 2. scroll-behavior: smooth

Smooth Scroll JavaScript. Allows internal links smooth scrolling. Setup; Javascript Referenc More smooth scroll techniques. Smooth Scroll (Vanilla JS) Smooth Scrolling (jQuery) Skinny.js (jQuery) CSS solution. Just a heads up for latest Chrome, Firefox, or Opera, you can enable smooth scroll via the scroll-behavior property (no JS required!), for example:.module { scroll-behavior: [ auto | smooth ]; } More infos at CSS-Tricks and.

Is an Object with the following properties: behavior Optional Defines the transition animation. One of auto or smooth.Defaults to auto. block Optional Defines vertical alignment. One of start, center, end, or nearest.Defaults to start. inline Optional Defines horizontal alignment Smooth Scroll to ID with jQuery. By Tania Rascia on April 14, 2017. javascript jQuery. Here's a quick snippet of jQuery code I use often when I need to smoothly scroll to an ID. Just change the 500 to whatever speed (in milliseconds) you want the page to scroll at Smooth scrolling has been an issue in the minds of developers ever since the beginning of time. We've done a lot of things to animate the page, but what happens when you've got dynamic content that's constantly changing? Fixed height scrollbars and percentage values are so 2000 and late. It's 2019 and it's we've got the Resize Observer - a full-proof way of determining the height.

Smooth Scrolling CSS-Trick

  1. Smooth Scrolling, don't know what it is? Well, instead of clicking on a button and being instantly taken to a different part of the (same) page, the user is navigated there via a scroll animation
  2. A simple scroll library used by developers at Locomotive. Built as a layer on top of ayamflow's virtual-scroll, it provides smooth scrolling with support for parallax effects, toggling classes, and triggering event listeners when elements are in the viewport
  3. Adding a smooth scrolling animation when navigating between elements on a single page is a quite simple task. Apart from many plugins available, you can implement this function by adding a simple smooth scroll jQuery script to your website. There's also a even simpler solution using only the scroll behavior CSS property
  4. スクロール位置に設定したい要素に対して実行でき、オプションで behavior を smooth に、 block を start に設定することで先程のCSSと同じような挙動にすることができます。. Element.scrollIntoView({ behavior: 'smooth', block: 'start' }) 以下はclass属性「js-smooth-scroll」がある要素がクリックされた場合にスムーズスクロールされるようにしたサンプルです。. 動作サンプル / スクリプト
  5. Vuescroll - A customizable scrollbar plugin based on vue.js for PC and mobile phone Smooth-scroll. Vuescroll supports smooth-scroll, you can scroll smoothly on Vue.js! Carousel supported. Vuescroll supports carousel, no complex option, just wrap the content and you can have your own carousel component! # A simple example. import Vue from vue; import vuescroll from vuescroll/dist.
  6. Yet another jQuery based smooth scroll script which smoothly scrolls the web page to a specific point/ID/anchor/DIV within the document. Also has the ability to automatically update the url hash when the smooth scroll is completely finished. How to use it: 1. Create anchor links pointing to the elements with unique IDs

Scroll To A Specific Position Smoothly in JavaScript

  1. As of Nuxt.js release 1.4.2, the default scroll behavior does not work as expected when using element ID's as hash links in routes (example: about-us/#john).. For reference: Nuxt.js Default Scroll Behavior When navigated to directly, meaning the user immediately enters through the hash appended route, the browser handles the scroll targeting to the element with the matching ID
  2. smooth-scroll.jsとは. smooth-scroll.jsとはJavaScriptのライブラリです。 ヘッダーメニューをクリックして、特定の場所に誘導する際にスムーズな動きを実現してくれます。 smooth-scroll.jsの実装方法. 実装の手順は下記の通りです。 smooth-scroll.jsをダウンロード; JavaScriptコードを書
  3. Sticking with the theme of scrolling this week, today we're going to take a look at controlling scrolling in your projects with the help of a lightweight smooth scroll javascript library called Jump.js. We're going to use the same project from the tutorial two days ago, except this time we'll enhance it by adding smooth scrolling. You can grab the project below
  4. Using jQuery to Create Smooth Scrolling Bookmark Links. If your site already uses the jQuery framework, then it makes sense to just take advantage of it on your site whenever possible. With Scrolling HTML Bookmarks, you cgan use the following jQuery script to accomplish this. It has the added benefit of working in IE Edge and below, plus the ability to specify the transition duration and any.
  5. jQuery非依存でスムーススクロールを実装できる「smooth-scroll.js」をご紹介します。 軽量で、easingも複数用意されています。現場でよく使いそうな、レスポンシブでヘッダーが上部固定から固定なしに変化するパターンに対応したデモも作成しました。参考になればと思います

scrolls.js - JavaScript smooth scrolling librar

Dans cet article, nous voyons comment utiliser le Smooth Scrolling, aussi appelé défilement doux ou fluide, en JavaScript et jQuery. Ce procédé permet d'appliquer une animation au scroll et de ralentir le défilement vers un élément ciblé par une ancre au click sur un lien, par un sélecteur jQuery ou vers le haut de la page I absolutely agree. But the only reason why the example is a 'normal' page is that I wanted to save myself from writing CSS and stuff. The only purpose of this example is to showcase the smooth scrolling effect. I already stated in the 'Section.js' section, Just a react component to fill up some space in our scrolling Containe Smooth Scroll uses the requestAnimationFrame() method to animate on refresh-rates and avoid jank, and gives you control over easing and timing. It also works back to IE9. Despite its limitations, the scroll-behavior property is a great solution for a lot of projects.. ⏰ Early Bird Sale! A new session of the Vanilla JS Academy starts on May 31 Amaze UI JS 插件,使用注意事项,以及 JS 插件介绍。 UI 增强; 警告框 Alert; 按钮交互 Button; 折叠面板 Collapse; 下拉组件 Dropdown; 模态窗口 Modal; 弹出框 Popover; 加载进度条 NProgress; 图片轮播 Slider; 侧边栏 OffCanvas; 滚动侦测 ScrollSpy; 滚动侦测导航 ScrollSpyNav; 平滑滚动 SmoothScroll; 固定元素 Sticky; 选项卡 Tabs.

Now let's see how to implement, from scratch and using vanilla Javascript, a custom scroll movement, smoother and suitable for the animations planned. All this we will achieve without trying to reimplement all the work associated with the scroll that the web browser does. Instead, we will keep the native scroll functionality, at the same time that we will have a custom scroll behavior. Sounds. This code for smooth scroll in Jquery generates the following output: Also Read: Guide on Creating Browser Compatible HTML and CSS. Wrapping It Up! Scroll-behavior is the property of the CSS that allows a page to scroll smoothly or abruptly when a link is clicked (although this can be extended to any element via JS). This can be achieved through three methods that are through direct styling in. javascript - top - smooth scroll vanilla js . Smooth scroll zu div id jQuery (6) Ich habe versucht, eine Schriftrolle zu div id jquery Code zu bekommen, um richtig zu funktionieren. Basierend auf einer anderen Stapelüberlauffrage habe ich folgendes versucht . DEMO.

Smooth Scroll: Lightweight script to animate scrolling to anchor links. Anime.js : Flexible yet lightweight Javascript animation library. Along the tutorial we'll be explaining some features we use of these libraries, but it's a good idea to check the Github repositories, for basic understanding Primero usaremos el método scroll(). La lógica de este enfoque es similar a la implementación anterior con jQuery. El truco aquí es que, en el interior de este método, determinaremos el comportamiento del desplazamiento a través de la propiedad de configuración behavior. Los valores posibles son auto (predeterminado) y smooth 页面中的平滑滚动——smooth-scroll.js的使用 正常的本页面锚链接跳转的时候跟PPT似的,特别生硬,用户体验非常差。 这时候我们就可以借助 smooth-scroll.js 这个插件,来实现本页面的 平滑 的跳转 At this time all modern websites use smooth scrolling feature, & many WordPress themes come with this feature. And also this is very common in single page websites. Mostly smooth scroll features are built-in JavaScript or any JS framework, But today I am sharing Pure CSS Smooth Scroll With Bootstrap. In this program, I had used Bootstrap for. Output. Click to Scroll to Top. The above example contains the button and the scrollTop jQuery. Click the above button, it will take to the top part of the page immediately on click.. However, its not a smooth scroll system.If you want to perform a smooth scroll to the top of the page, you need to read further.. Smooth Scroll to Top of The Page Using jQuer

Programming Vue.js Fullpage Scroll. Published on 3. June 2019 Last updated on 28. April 2021. With Fullpage Scroll, normal scrolling is deactivated and you are always scrolled exactly into the next section. Here you can learn step by step how to program this feature yourself with Vue.js.. To enable the smooth scrolling, we simply add this option: document.querySelector('.my-div').scrollIntoView({ behavior: 'smooth' }); Browser support of scrollIntoViewOption Smooth the scroll position with JS. Posted on February 8, 2019 in 2 min read. I've already written about the CSS gem scroll-behavior, a property that allows animating the scroll position change of any HTML element with scroll capability. In the previous tutorial, I've shown how it can be used together with anchor links, without relying on javascript at all. This time I needed to achieve a. In order to create a smooth scroll effect, we will use Javascript. You don't have to have much JS knowledge to follow along. The JS section is fairly small and consist of if and else statements. If you run into any errors, double check your spelling in your code to make sure you didn't make a typo anywhere. If you still can't figure out the issue, then you can reference my source code below

How to Create Smooth Scrolling When Clicking an Anchor Lin

Animiertes Scrolling (Smooth Scrolling) mit jQuery

Test your JavaScript, CSS, HTML or CoffeeScript online with JSFiddle code editor On my very own site, I'm using smooth scroll in the JS variant, but ONLY for specific links. So its being triggered only when clicking on links in the navigation and the main container, IF those are linking to page-internal anchors. Which automatically does not include on-site search etc. pp. But well. give people a tool, and they are going to abuse it. eyerolls. cu, w0lf. This comment. It is now possible to set smooth scrolling for a webpage with CSS only, with no Javascript required. This is done through the scroll-behavior CSS property. Smooth scrolling can be set either to the complete webpage, or to specific elements. There can be 2 values for scroll-behavior: smooth that applies smooth scrollin

Javascript scrollTo, scrollBy und scrollIntoView

  1. g Smooth Auto Scroll Tutorial In this JavaScript program
  2. I personally find forced smooth scrolling on sites off-putting, especially considering that all major browsers already have smooth-scrolling on by default and landing on the page that kinda-but-not-quite behaves like you used to is jarring
  3. Smooth Scrolling in React Js - Step By Step Guide In this tutorial, we are going to see how to implement Smooth Scrolling in React Js. Smooth scrolling is used to scroll to a div or section of page smoothly mot instantly. Here we are going to use react-scroll package on NPM to implement it

How to Implement Smooth Scrolling With Vanilla JavaScrip

The moveTo.js is a vanilla javascript plugin which allows adding smooth scroll animation. When a user clicks on a button or link, it will scroll to anchor section or div with nice animation. It is dead lightweight which is about only 1kb gzipped without any dependency. The plugin works in both ways to scroll down and scroll up Today we are looking at how to implement a smooth scroll into view in Vanilla JavaScript by using the Element.scrollIntoView() function. HTML Structure permalink. Let's setup a small demo to demonstrate this. The demo code will have a fixed header with some buttons and four sections to which we can scroll. < header > < nav > If the target is under current position, we will use this formula: firstPos + (target * progess)). For example, your target is 650px, current position is 0 pixel, which is 0 and progress is 10%. Smooth Scroll - javascript thuần Report Bài viết được dịch từ bài Smooth Scroll with vanilla javascript của tác giả Gurjit Singh. Scroll đến một element html (sử dụng selector) là một tình huống phổ biến mà các nhà phát triển web chúng ta gặp phải khá thường xuyên. Thật thú vị, vài ngày trước, tôi đã gặp một kịch bản.

GitHub - idiotWu/smooth-scrollbar: Customizable

  1. Smooth Scroll - Elegantes Scrollen mit jQuery zu einer Sprungmarke. In längeren Beiträgen oder auf Einseiten-Webseiten macht es Sinn Sprungmarken einzubauen um zwischen den unterschiedlichen Elementen und Ebenen zu navigieren. Zum einen mag das Google, was man dran erkennen kann, dass selbst Sprungmarkenziele in den Serps auftauchen und zum anderen bietet man dem Besucher die Möglichkeit schnell zu die für Ihn interessanten Themen zu springen
  2. Look no more. iScroll is the best smooth scrolling, high-performance, multi-platform javascript scroller that will add a sleek and modern look to your web pages. Get everything you need to know and understand about the fastest and smoothest scrolling library, iScroll
  3. One page scroll sections jquery plugin. Mouse snap. Great Javascript library to create fullscreen scrolling websites. fullPage Create Beautiful Fullscreen Scrolling Websites. Extensions; Download; View on GitHub; Open. fullPage.js is actively maintained and community driven. Solving developers' issues since 2013.-commits-closed issues -contributors; Sponsored by. The best! Proud of being the.
  4. Smooth Scroll mit jQuery. Mit diesem Skript kann man zu gesetzten Ankern auf der gleichen Seite weich scrollen lassen, wie z.B. zum Ende dieser Seite. Ihr könnt beliebige Links als Anker auf der Seite setzen - hier einige Beispiele: zu unserem NOF-Forum. zum NOF-Blog
  5. The plugin HD Smooth Scroll, written in plain JavaScript, so it doesn't require any external library to work. Moreover, the plugin is really easy to implement in your projects. It can be fully customize with additional CSS or JS according to your needs

javascript - Smooth scroll without the use of jQuery

「smooth-scroll.js」を使用すると初心者の方でも簡単に設定できるのでおすすめです。 特に position:fixed で上部に固定されたメニューがある場合はこちらのプラグインを使ってみてください raythedesigner / smooth-scroll.js. Last active Jun 5, 2020. Star 0 Fork 0; Star Code Revisions 2. Embed. What would you like to do? Embed Embed this gist in your website. Share Copy sharable link for this gist. Clone via HTTPS Clone with Git or checkout with SVN using the repository's web address. Learn more about clone URLs Download ZIP. Raw. smooth-scroll.js // SMOOTH SCROLL -----// Select. 由於 Smooth Scrolling API 有兩種,一種是 CSS, 一種則是 Javascript。也因此造成混亂的原因是部分瀏覽器有支援上不一致。 CSS 的方式非常簡單,只要在該元素設定 scroll-behavior: smooth; 1 2 3: body {scroll-behavior: smooth;} 注意是 behavior 而不是 behaviour. 這個方式非常方便不過目前只有 Firefox 支援,查閱 Can I Use.

A Simple Way to Animate Scrolling Effects in JavaScript

For the smooth scrolling effect, I have not used any jquery or javascript. Just used a simple CSS scroll-behavior property, which will create a lovely soft scrolling effect when someone clicks on the nav item. Pure CSS Animated Sticky navbar (Source Code) To create this snippet, you need to create two files. One of them is an HTML file, and another one is the CSS file. After that, you need to copy the HTML and CSS code and paste it to the appropriate files and save them jQuery smoothScroll Demo. View GitHub Repo. Try it with jQuery BBQ hashchange support or native hashchange support (IE9+) Scroll the Document to one of the following paragraphs 0 0. Best answer. It look like smooth scroll is not working in this case, because the scripts from jQuery version are initialized before Angular component is rendered. However you can easily implement such feature in your component with this code

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Now here comes the jquery script which is doing all the magic in smooth scrolling. jQuery('a[href^=#]').click(function(e) { jQuery('html,body').animate({ scrollTop: jQuery(this.hash).offset().top}, 1000); return false; e.preventDefault(); }) : make Link selected when the scroll is at its target position. smooth: animate the scrolling. That's basically the whole point of this. duration: time of the scroll animation - can be a number (milliseconds) or a function (function (scrollDistanceInPx) { return duration; }), that allows more granular control at run-time Hey Friends! Adding smooth scrolling to your webflow sites doesn't need to be complicated. There are plenty of options to achieve this inertia type scroll effect, but luxy is probably our favourite. All that is needed is a small script and a div-block to wrap the page content. Nothing too weird and definitely #nocode friendly

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